Are you in it to win it?

This month at Cultivate Health we are focusing on consistency. How would you say consistency is related to chiropractic care? Well….actually it’s quite important. So with that being said lets jump right into the topic.

Just like a consistent skin care regime, exercise, or diet and nutrition practice make it what you give it or put into it. Every member here at Cultivate Health is our reason and purpose to show up daily to serve their health and to serve our community. Lets take a glimpse into children and how consistency in their lives and their health is so vital. A large portion of children participates in extracurricular activities or sports. So let’s say your child decides to play basketball what’s the first thing they do when they join a team? Practice, practice and more practice. Once twice, maybe three times a week. Are you seeing where this is headed maybe? Children are very adaptable and learn quickly. Their bodies by practicing basketball techniques engage in muscle memory and strength. Chiropractic care is about the central nervous system (CNS) however our anatomy is the extension of our CNS. Supporting this function is the muscular system. By receiving consistent chiropractic care it will not only trigger neuron responses but muscle memory will be gained and enhanced.

Back to the b-ball…. a child may have the interest in playing basketball but have never held nor dribbled a ball. Well therein is the drive and determination to try something new. Learn something new. By joining a team or practicing at a local YMCA the child begins to train their body to compete in this sport with the help of a coach and teammates. Children are amazing, they are resilient and also pretty much blank slates, and the sky is the limit! At Cultivate Health our hope is to care and educate the next generation, tomorrow’s future. Often children are fairly healthy and don’t have many health issues. Therefore one may think would a child be in need of chiropractic care. Well let us take it back to the when I made the statement that children are blank slates. We seek to educate and heal people at every age group. Children benefit so much by receiving consistent care to their CNS. They are growing and adapting quickly. So why not give them assistance in their current and future health. It’s a no brainer!! Some benefits in the short term are strong immune system responses, children since they are growing tend to pick up germs since their immune systems are growing and developing with them. Cognitive development is also a great benefit of Chiro care for a child. Another great benefit is strength and mobility (motor skill development) even speech development! So ask yourself, you’d give your child everything they would need to excel in their sport or extracurricular. So why not give them everything they need to consistency pursue holistic health.

All right Team! Lets give it our best; strive for the three-point shot with our health! Don’t give up at practice and just show up for the games. Give your health through Chiropractic care all you’ve got. After all are in you in it to win it?

Get your head in the game………..

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