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Often times when someone is in need of Chiropractic care one’s thoughts are often entwined with pain relief care. This is considered Reactive Care. While partly true, Reactive Care can be can be an initial introduction to our mission at Cultivate Health. Principled care Chiropractic, which is unique from other approaches because it operates on a precise model that is focused on maintaining and preserving lifelong health, and it relies solely on specific, scientific chiropractic as the means of achieving health. Following the same thought process of pain relief care, comes along some general questions our team often receives with new practice members. “How long will I need chiropractic care?” and/or “How many adjustments will it take?”

While the questions above are genuinely important to ask and to answer, this is where member education is so valuable to our team. We provide education to our membership not only in these initial questions but also throughout the member’s health journey. Growing the mindset of Principled Care can allow the body to promote health and healing from within and throughout. This catalyst into their lifestyle and into their homes could be life changing. Let’s circle back to our two often asked questions, people typically come to our practice because they are seeking assistance with an issue, often times they are pain related issues. In today’s medical culture or society, fast relief and quick fixes are the norm. That’s not true healing of the “pain” in the long term and could possibly cause other varying issues later on depending on the severity of the pain management plan. This cannot be referred to as treatment because eventually the pain could return therefore not treating the true cause of the pain. The pain may arise over night slowly then to the gradual point where the person can’t take it anymore and needs a solution now! Well, at Cultivate we truly enjoy our members experiencing healing. Even though the pain is now causing issue and discomfort to the body-the underlying cause could have been months or years in the making. Just like any good thing you can do for your body, it takes time and repetition.  I know, I know more time and more of doing this or that! Well, let me explain: when pain occurs that’s the nerves of a cell sending transmissions or receptors to the brain through the nervous system. Chiropractors focus on the neuromusculoskeletal system of the body; so how do you resolve pain-truly heal? Through gentle specific adjustments to a subluxation of the spine and in some cases other areas of the body including extremities.  On average results from consistent care in regards to healing the causation of the pain typically takes three to four months. This is due to the fact that the body uses this time to heal itself from within. New cells regenerate and are created to replace the damaged cells causing the pain. These new healthy cells are the true relief to the pain one has been experiencing for so long.

So the answer is not how many or how long, it is the understanding of what healing has to take place in order to achieve the optimum health effect of Chiropractic adjustments. Every person’s body is unique to itself so everyone’s journey is specific and unique to their personal needs. Each member at Cultivate is treated individually and specifically. Our team will work with you in establishing your care plan along with educating you along the way of the healing process. Let’s put actions to our words and live out our health and save a life, by living it to the fullest in your best health!

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