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Have you given your food some thought … how about something called a plant-based diet? Eating nothing but plants? Crazy I know, however, lets dive deeper into whether this may or not be such a crazy thought after all. I know we may have all heard of vegetarians or vegans but what is this plant-based diet? Well let’s see it’s a diet mostly consisted of or entirely derived from plants with few or no animal source. So the other diets I mentioned before seem to kind of become lumped together when you may hear plant-based. Well technically they do overlap some however, where plant-based eating is derived of whole foods not processed foods. Vegans or Vegetarians do not entirely eliminate or minimize all animal products and highly refined/processed foods (i.e. chemical additives and sugar).  So can eating like this cause my body harm? Where will I get my protein and other nutrients? There can be risks from inadequate protein, vitamin and mineral intake however this could be with any diet change or lack of any well balanced diet. Mitigating the risks can be overcome by choosing the right foods and when necessary supplementation which is very minimal to truthfully vitamin b12 as the human body tends to not like to absorb this vitamin from foods.

So now I bet you’re wondering if plant based for you? Even if this isn’t implementation into your diet long-term; shorter benefits from a new perspective of food and how it affects your whole mind and body are worth a try. This could be a building block to continue building a better health and quality of life for yourself and your family. Studies have shown that individuals who choose a plant based diet experience increased energy, reduced inflammation throughout the body, better mood, mental clarity and better sleep; just to name a few. Just imagine the outcomes of your health for longer periods of time-consuming plant based. Here is where the connection mentioned earlier with reducing inflammation. In chiropractic it is practiced that the body is innately equipped to heal itself…well what if it were powered with the right tools or fuel in this case to increase the quicker response from our central nervous systems (CNS) and neurons. Increased function within the CNS creates healthy immune function. We all want healthy immune systems! SO that’s a win win! Part of the mission and mindset of Cultivate Health is whole health cultivation throughout your lifetime. Healing from within takes a little care and some self-love.

Chiropractic care can assist in the transition to a Plant Based diet. How so? Well, while under consistent chiro care the body is already in a detoxification state that rids the body of toxins and chemicals that build up inside from poor diet. By eliminating foods highly processed and inflammation inhibitors such as dairy and meat the body further enters detox. This allows the body to adapt to the changes through the elimination of the food groups more fluid.

This is so much to take in and I am not sure where all I can start to accomplish this. Here’s a start: go slow. Accept that it will be okay if you mess up. Get back up and try again. There is no pressure or test to be perfect. Just have a goal set for you. For example: begin by slowly removing less meat and diary then processed foods and drinks. To give you a boost in confidence find some simple recipes to try with minimal ingredients. This doesn’t need to be stressful, it’s a something new to learn so don’t be discouraged friends! Meal prep, the infamous phrase for a healthier lifestyle diet we have all heard over and over. Well it has its reasons. It truly does keep things simple and on track and mostly much less stress!!! We all need less stress!

Now you’ve begun your journey, started out slowly and confidently. But wait…life happens and there’s this family thing and that event at work. What do I do?? Stay the course. You can do this. Like your Chiropractic care consistency is key. Switching to your plant based diet takes effort and dedication. Nothing good or worth it happens over night. Give yourself some love and grace especially your body to stay the course on your path to a better, healthier you! The long-term reality of taking charge of your health now far out weighs the efforts applied in the beginning stages of your journey to Plant Based nutrition.

So is this expensive? I know when most people think of healthy foods they think higher expenses. In some cases this can be true but if you put your thinking cap on for a moment and think about this; you’re paying for the quality of food that is giving the body the energy it needs but did you know that food is medicine! Our bodies were created to sustain from a majority of plants and herbs. This is where the costs of plant-based whole foods versus whole foods vary in the cost analysis. If one is choosing to be conscious of their diet and consume whole foods then animal protein consumption and animal by-product consumption will need to be a higher quality sourced for optimum nutrition. This is where it can become pricey. Which rightfully so, farmers those are organic work hard for these labels and it costs way more to operate organically and sustainably.  Plant-Based consumption is significantly less as most items that are consumed can be purchased in bulk and kept longer term such as grains and dry legumes. Another cost savings for eating plant based as mentioned earlier, food is medicine so lets apply this to real life. Lets say you choose to change your diet and implement more whole plant based foods and less processed ones and high sugar, inflammatory foods you’re less likely to become sick and need over the counter medicines and even tips to the family doctor and prescription costs. Now lets campaign for whole foods and vitamins to be accepted on those HSA cards!!! Am I right?

So are you convinced or are you ready to chew on all this information? Some personal experiences with Plant Based nutrition is our very own CHC team.  Between these ladies they have increased mental clarity and reduced pain throughout their bodies. Here at CHC the team is willing to offer guidance and support along your journey to optimal health, which includes your journey to a Plant Based diet. Chiropractic care is the start and a well functioning body being the base to building healthy habits within your diet and lifestyle.

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