Cultivating Health of Thousands, Empowering Families Through Education and Forging Relationships Within Our Community.

We exist to educate our community on health and healing from within. Never underestimating the body’s ability to adapt; we envision a community focused on vitality where children live drug free lives.

We believe your body’s innate ability to heal naturally is far greater than you’ve been led to believe. The care is yours and the results are too.

“I started seeing Dr. Jessica because of my bad knees. I had to get injections in my knees every three months and was going to physical therapy three times a week. It had gotten so bad that on an only 3 hour road trip to the beach, I had to stop 3 times to get out of the car and walk. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even do daily tasks like my household chores or exercise. I knew something had to be done. I wasn’t sure if chiropractic care would help, but I knew it was something that I wanted to try. I could hardly walk before care, but now I can walk great. I was even able to dance for two hours at a wedding! I am also sleeping better, which is something I did not expect to happen. I was taking 800mg of Motrin everyday and now have been able to stop taking it. I am excited to say that I have been injection free for 6 months! Dr. Jessica really cares about how you are feeling and she takes pride in helping you feel better. She has improved my life 100%. I feel like I’m 25 again!”  – Cathy S.

When you visit our offices, you will receive a thorough examination and review of your medical history, which is only the beginning of a specialized health and wellness plan. This plan will be tailored to your individual needs and issues, and provides the perfect solution for you. Choosing chiropractic care through Cultivate Health Chiropractic will not only let you feel healthier; it will improve your quality of life. Your health and wellness is our mission.

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