Power of Thought

A thought isn’t just a thought; it has the power to transform your life and your

Our central nervous system, consisting of our brains and spinal cord, are in charge of
all functions within the body. If this system is compromised due to subluxation, its
ability to communicate, heal, adapt and restore is diminished. Where there is a
subluxation, there is stress! Some effects of subluxation may be immediate and
others may take time to appear. There are 3 types of stress that we can endure: 1.)
Physical stress: injuries, impacts, repetitive trauma and overuse 2.) Mental and
emotional stress 3.) Toxic stress: chemicals, medications, poor diet etc.

Let’s take some time to focus on mental and emotional stress. Emotional and mental
stressors cause 80% of subluxations within the body. Thoughts are truly that
powerful! Your thoughts within your mind are a portion of your brain’s activities,
your body cannot tell the difference between a thought and something that is
actually occurring within your life. If our thoughts are often stress driven like those
of fear, worry or anger this places the body into a stress response. Repeated mental
and emotional stress has the potential to cause big harm to the body. So what is a
stress response? Well, it’s your body’s survival mode! When it encounters a threat it
believes is dangerous, it initiates a FIGHT OR FLIGHT reaction within the body. This
is called your sympathetic nervous system. When this system is activated, your body
is solely focused on survival. To do that, a few things happen within your body: your
heart rate goes up, so your blood pumps faster, your muscles become more tense.
Other organ systems get deprioritized, so your digestion slows, your immune
function goes down and tissue repair is forgotten. Your whole body changes! This
doesn’t seem like a state we should live in, right? RIGHT! So, how do we change

Well, we can eliminate stressors of course. A stressor is attached to the mental and
emotional stress. But stressors are everywhere, and simply removing the stressor
doesn’t mean that the body views that stress has been removed entirely, therefore
the stress response continues, not a true release! Chronic stress can be detrimental
to one’s health. If we are living in FIGHT OR FLIGHT, our body cannot heal the way it
is supposed to.

So how do you go about initiating healing from stressors in your life? When the
stress response is initiated within the body due to any of the three ways mentioned
above, the stress response cycle has begun. In order to help the body feel safe and
release it from this fight or flight mode, this cycle needs to be completed. By
completing this cycle, you are telling your body that it is NOT in danger and it is safe
to relax and resume life. There are 7 easy ways to help the body complete stress
cycles and feel safe to return to a calm state..

● Physical Activity-this is the most efficient and most well known.
● Breathing long breaths with deep exhalation (fun fact, this is the only
autonomic system response we have control over)
● Positive social interaction or reassurance by loved ones in your life.
● Laughter- this reaction to joy as a simple pleasure.
● Affection-physical touch or hug.
● Crying-physically releasing the emotion from the body with this action.
● Creative expression- engaging in creative activities today leads to more
energy, excitement and enthusiasm.

Along with these things, chiropractic care should be the top choice in helping the
body to not only heal, but to adapt to the stressors that you experience.

Chiropractic adjustments correct subluxation within the body. If your nervous
system is compromised, it cannot communicate or heal properly. Stress is able to
overwhelm your body and cause issues. By removing interference, the body has the
opportunity to regenerate and reconnect! This allows the body to ADAPT. The stress
response is not a bad thing, it’s necessary for survival, but we shouldn’t be living in
that state. By staying adjusted and allowing your body to function optimally, the
body is able to adapt better to the stressors that you experience. Let’s face it STRESS
is not going away! So, when you DO experience it, whatever type it may be, your
body is clear and ready to handle it appropriately. It understands how to process it
well, encouraging it to continue to heal and restore! Chiropractic is a key tool to have
on your journey to mental and physical health and wellness.

Managing stress doesn’t have to cause you stress. Of the seven ways to complete the
body’s cycle of stress, choosing one that works for you will simply be enough! Along
with chiropractic care, use these tools to help you reach optimum health. Choose
what brings you joy and choose to love yourself. Stewarding ourselves through life’s
joyful moments and prioritizing your health is such a lifesaver! Take the next step in
your health or give someone that push they may need to take charge of their health
from within and throughout!

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