Taco About Chiropractic

So what are your first thoughts when you hear the word chiropractor? Snap, crackle pop. Well, we may just have our minds on tacos too! I can see that, we all love tacos. Some chiropractors perform manual adjustments that are where the snap and pop ideology comes from when someone thinks of a chiropractor. It is still considered a good practice of care for your body. But what if there was another option, a gentle, specific adjustment to the nervous system?

Well there is such a thing……gentle specific chiro care. These methods are referred to as Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Torch Release Technique (TRT).  TRT uses minimal force in a spinal adjustment, which releases tension and pressure, and enables the nervous system to communicate with the rest of the body more effectively from the brain all the way down the spine and throughout the entire peripheral system to every cell in the body.  In plain terms, it encourages the body to heal and correct itself in the long term, providing improved communication and health. These methods go hand in hand with principled Chiropractic care. What’s that you ask? Its care designed to identify and address the underlying causes of health concerns, to correct them at the source. This care is the foundation of chiropractic. Historically chiro care was never designed to be sick care simply addressing current symptoms. However, this along with the snap, crackle and pop education is how most Americans perceive chiro care today. Part of our mission is to educate practice members and the community of the history and purpose of principled chiropractic care.

Let us help you, build your foundation of health and restore communication from your brain to your body. Like I mentioned earlier, chiro care’s intentions aren’t designed to treat symptoms, its designed to address the causation. Also, one cannot expect the body to heal on just chiro alone. It must include consistent care and a holistic mindset. Remember chiropractors are nervous system docs and what controls the central nervous system, none other than brain. The mind is such an amazing creation and a powerful tool. Education and application go hand in hand, but there is also more. Fueling your brain with proper nutrients allows it to perform at optimum level, along with healthy habits. For example, enjoying the outdoors (i.e. sunshine), reading a book, learning something new or just giving your body and mind time to reset and relax. All together this can create such great balance to your whole body to promote and achieve your best health. So lets talk about you and your health goals and let Cultivate Health become apart of your journey and educate you on your best health.


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