The Doctor is in……You???

Chiropractic care is natural, hands on healing. Cultivating inner health is developed around a premise that living systems are self-healing, self-organizing, and self-regulating and that there is an innate intelligence within each of us that maintains and organizes the matter of our body. Let’s say a subluxation exists in your spine. Sublu—what??? Subluxations in your spine are corrected by chiropractors. Ever broken an arm and worn a cast? When the joint can’t move for several weeks it becomes stiff and sore; much like the spine when a vertebra is under subluxation. The nervous system flows through our vertebrae and becomes greatly affected under a subluxated vertebra. Once an adjustment is gently and specifically made to the nervous system by a chiropractor, health from within the body can be restored and the healing process can begin. This can also prevent future health aliments, as chiropractic care is a specific science focusing on inner and whole-body health.

taking charge of your body’s innate intelligenceThe body is an amazing masterpiece and we are charged to treat it well and honor it as our temple. What lies within our bodies that make it amazing you ask? Earlier I mentioned something called innate intelligence. The innate intelligence that resides in all living things is our body’s pilot, directing involuntary functions such as your breath and heartbeat. The brain and nervous system are the control center of your body and when the system has interference … what may happen? Let’s use the immune system as an example. When the immune system is functioning well and a bug or viral cold enter your body, a healthy reaction is an increase in body temperature aka a fever. When you visit your chiropractor on a regular basis, your body is in a state of healing and has less interference from subluxations. Therefore, your body is better equipped to fight off the viral cold or nasty bug. This healing process begins and ends much faster than an individual with a viral cold whose spine in under multiple subluxation interferences.

So, let’s think back to earlier while this example I just provided may seem complex. It can be boiled down easily to the acronym ADIO, meaning above-down-inside-out. Our innate intelligence is the organizing and healing force in our bodies. It flows from our brains (above) down our spinal cords (down) and out our nerves (inside-out) to every organ, cell, and tissue in the entire body, controlling and coordinating what to do and how to do it. Our bodies are regularly killing off cells, creating new ones, fighting infection, repairing cells, and creating energy on a daily basis in order to accomplish their tasks and thrive! So your mission now, if you choose to accept it, is taking charge of your body’s innate intelligence and becoming a healthier you!! At Cultivate Health this is our mission and heartbeat; educating and healing which allows us to empower you to live your life and your mission. So after all, the doctor is within you …

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