Cultivating our Mission

This month at Cultivate Health we bring our focus to our kids again. More specifically kids in our local communities. Throughout the year we strive to engage and serve within our communities through various capacities. Our hope is that our hearts are truly seen through these services and that we are more than a chiropractic office-we are a part of our community; like a family member or a friend. This service outreach just puts actions to our words. Our mission is to cultivate the health of thousands, empowering families through education and forging relationships within our community,

Our service project for June is our annual bike drive. By providing bicycles to underserved children and youth we are promoting overall health and wellness. Outdoor activities or outdoor play for children hold a host of benefits, from physical to mental development-even emotions. Cultivating the health of all individuals is equally important to us. That’s why we chose the bike drive as an act of service to our community kids. Bicycling is a simple outdoor activity that is great for physical health in kids. Some studies by various authors have shown that kids who learn outdoors develop: a sense of self, independence, confidence, creativity, decision-making and problem-solving skills, empathy towards others, motor skills, self-discipline and initiative. These characteristics are such amazing and wonderful outcomes for a child by simply being outdoors. By creating such a strong and firm foundation for holistic health for a child it will promote and support them in their future. Reflecting back on my own childhood and who I am today, I would agree, that being outdoors rooted these skills for my future. So as we work together to empower and encourage our kids within our communities that are underserved, lets do the same with all the kids in our communities. I encourage you to spend some time outdoors with your kids.

Supporting our mission by cultivating young lives is our hope for our communities we serve. We are graciously able to support these missions through our amazing practice members. Each one are a member of the family and we work together for our communities overall health and wellness. If we as a community can give some joy and hope to our future generation that’s cultivating a greater mission. Join us and be a part of our missions to our communities at Cultivate Health.

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