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Chiropractic Care is not just for those in chronic pain or recovering from physical trauma. At Cultivate Health our mission is simple. We exist to educate our community on health and healing from within. Never underestimating the body’s ability to adapt; we envision a community focused on vitality where children live drug free lives. That’s a pretty big mission statement but it rings true to our passion and our work we put into educate and grow the powerful knowledge of the body’s innate abilities from within.

A part of the growth is fostering wellness through the entire family and not just one individual. Yes, while each person individually is so important, the family unit and each member is the focus of this particular post. Wellness can be achieved with a supportive community and the best support is within your own family!

Let’s talk about the authentic wellness model for health. A little background information that supports our education and mission at Cultivate Health.

Hundreds of years ago our populations were plagued with infectious diseases and in order to prevent these diseases lifestyles were radically improved in sanitation via clean water and nitration, there were also ground breaking treatments and cures. Even though we do not fear such diseases that plagued populations years ago, we are still fighting our own chronic diseases today. TB and pneumonia are now replaced with diabetes, heart disease, chronic respiratory illness and cancers. In Chiropractic care the healing comes from the body’s innate intelligence and amazing capabilities, as you will hear that over and over and over.  There are only two fundamental components that provide for life: their proteins and their complementary signals. Therefore in relation to diseases there are two possibilities that could be the causation of disease, a damaged protein or a signal disturbance. These proteins and signals are apart of one’s genome. Only about 5 percent of people truly have non-functional genomes/proteins leaver the remaining percentages to causing by signal interferences possibly leading to the diseases mentioned earlier. Interferences can be caused by trauma, toxins and stress related thoughts. In chiropractic we refer to interferences as subluxations. When these pathways of communication throughout one’s body can lead to many diseases now present today, it makes you wonder what can I do for myself and my family to foster health and wellness?

The core of Chiropractic cares is the promotion of wellness. As a response to increased disease and chronic illness, prevention came into focus in all areas of medicine; in the 70’s Dr. Aaron Antonvsky called it “salutogensis” from his work in sociology and medicine. The priority of salutogensis is the birth of health, pursuing wellness mentally and physically with a purpose of preventative health and over-all well being.  So making a decision o begin chiropractic care for one’s self is fantastic and we celebrate that but let’s go further. What would family under chiro care experience?  Well increased over all wellness, lifestyle change or shift, mental health support-an overall increased quality of life. Children experience better adaptive immune responses to all the foreign pathogens they encounter as their immune systems are developing. Digestive health and support, better mental focus through properly firing neurons in their nervous systems, allergies, combating ear infections and so much more. Fun Fact: while almost all we need to survive is formed within us in our mother’s womb, our digestive and immune systems are developed after we are born. So, why not give those systems the utmost support it requires for optimum development and function. In teenagers and young adults the hormone changes occurring can be better supported without many subluxations prohibiting proper nerve communications for these cells for them to function properly. Teenagers and young adults also can benefit for optimum physical performance in extra circular activities with a healthier more responsive nervous system Adults and Senior Adults benefit from Chiropractic in many ways such as chronic pain relief, combatting stress, autoimmune issues , arthritis and so much more. Many who are part of our community already experience such a great transformation in their journey to wellness. It is our privilege and honor to serve them. Let us serve you and your family and cultivate wellness within your home.


References: Pathways to Family Wellness

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